Its been a couple of months that I've blogged and suddenly everything looks so different and it feels like I'm back to square one.. trying to figure out the formatting et all!!!

To start off with I wanted a new look for the blog and ended up messing with the format.. luckily had saved the old template. Finally I managed to zero in on one but ended up losing all the widgets..messy, messy, messy!!!

And it was messy outside as well..After a long time it poured heavily in Bangalore..It felt wonderful..the smell of fresh soil..Ahhhaa!!!

I went out in the balcony and the plants looked so happy..My mood brightend and hot coffee came to mind!!! As I set out to make the decoction, I thought wouldnt it be nice if I have warm soup instead..

I thought of making a Lentil Soup which I had been thinking of trying out for sometime...

1/2 cup Pigeon Pea (tuar dal),
1 bay leaf,
1/2-inch cinnamon stick,
6-7 garlic pods, peeled, crushed,
1/2 tsp black pepper, freshly crushed,
Salt as per taste

1.) In a pressure cooker, put all the ingredients along with enough water and cook until the dal has competely mashed.
2.) Once cooled, pass it through a fine seive.
3.) Place the seived soup into another vessel. Add water if needed, to bring to the desired consistency.
4.) Adjust seasoning and serve hot.

The result was mindblowing..but I think it was the weather which did the magic.. The soup was very mildly flavoured. The taste of cinnamon was kind of new to me in a soup, but it tasted fantastic.

The soup is also rich is protien, which is very good for health, especially children.

My son and I enjoyed this tasty hot soup in the balcony seeing the rains...Blissful!!!