Gujarati Dhokla

I never imagined I could ever prepare Dhoklas at home..As a kid, we've always had it from snack shops. They would have a huge tray on the counter, cut into with big square shaped pieces. Often served with green chutney and fried green chillies, it tastes delicious. I still believe, street food is the best food!!! Ofcourse discount the hygiene factor..:-)

2 cups gram flour,
1 cup sour curds,
2 tsp ginger-green chilli paste,
1/4 tsp powdered asafoetida,
2 tsp sugar,
1 tbsp oil,
1 tsp fruit salt,
1 tsp lemon juice,
1/2 cup warm water,
Salt as per taste

For tempering:
2 tbsp oil,
1 tsp mustard seeds,
1 tsp sesame seeds,
A pinch of asafoetida,


1.)Combine the gram flour, sour curd, and 1/2 cup of warm water in a bowl and mix till smooth. Set aside for 45 mins.
2.) Add the ginger-green chilli past, asafoetida, sugar, oil and salt and mix well.
3.) Grease a 7 inch diameter thali and set aside.
4.) Just before steaming add the fruit salt and lemon juice. Fold the batter once bubbles form, very gently.
5.) Pour the batter immediately into the greased thali and spread the batter evenly.
6.) Steam for 15 to 20 mins or till a skewer inserted comes out clean.
7.) For the tempering, heat the remaining oil. Add the mustard seeds and sesame seeds. Once the seeds crackle add asafoetida and 2 tbsp of water. Pour the tempering over the prepared dhoklas.
8.) Cool slightly and cut into equal pieces. Garnish with coriander and green chilli and serve hot.

Add the fruit salt to the batter just before you are ready to steam the dhoklas, or they will not rise.
The water in the steamer/cooker should be boiling before you put in the uncooked batter, so that the dhoklas will cook faster and rise well.

Sneek Peek:

It turned out quite soft and fluffy. The slight tang of the lemon, and the subtle sweetness of the sugar did reflect very well.

The green chilles give that heat element to the dhokla. To fry chillies, heat a little oil in a kadhai, add the green chillies and saute for a few mins. Turn off the heat and sprinkle some salt. Its delicious!!!

Quite filling in itself, we enjoyed this delicious dish for breakfast today!!!


  1. machi!! awesome!! i tried it once but it was a disaster!! this looks so fabulous!! i am going to try this tmrw....

  2. Nice post... reminds me of one my friend from Gujarat who used to get Dhoklas in her lunch box and we used to attack her box for that...

  3. Dhokla looks so fabulous!Nice try!

  4. They are Khaman Dhoklas......and they look perfect fluffy and soft...

  5. Beautiful pictures! I have never dared to try it the original way. always use the mix:-)

  6. Aru, Thanks! Do let me know how they came out!!!
    Roochi, Jaishree, Purva, Thanks!
    Soma, Thanks! Give it a's actually simple

  7. Hi! Just watched 3 Idiots and am so curious about dhokla. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the recipe!


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